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Ventilation Interior, software

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Ventilation Interior, software

"Ventilation Interior, software" makes it possible to ventilate the passenger compartment with fresh outdoor air on hot summer days before getting into the car.

Set the time of departure using a timer in the car's center display. The car's fan then starts prior to departure to ventilate and lower the temperature in the passenger compartment. Pre-ventilation can last up to 20 minutes.

After driving, and while remaining in the car, "Ventilation Interior, software" can also be used to maintain the car's internal climate for up to 15 minutes. The system then uses the car's fan system with or without residual heat from the engine.

Facts and advantages

  • Fresh air and comfortable temperature.
  • Easy to install.


Fully covering sunshades that provide maximum protection for your passengers when the sun is bright and irritating. Not only do they effectively protect against heat and irritation from sunlight, they also give the car a stylish look similar to tinted windows.

The shades are uniquely tailored to the rear windows of your car, providing a more comfortable trip in strong sunlight. If the rear side windows need to be lowered during a journey, the sunshades minimize the wind noise or "booming noise" that can arise.

When the sunshades are not used, they can be stored in the supplied bag.

Facts and advantages

  • Sunshade.
  • Fully covering.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Remain in place when the windows are lowered (not recommended at speeds above 90 km/h (55 mph) due to the risk of the sunshades coming loose).

Sunshade for windshield

With a sunshade in the windshield, your vehicle will maintain a cooler temperature on hot days.

The sunshade helps to prevent the sun from heating up the interior, and maintains both the air and the interior at a more comfortable temperature on hot days. By protecting your vehicle from direct sunlight, the sunshade also helps to preserve the vehicle's interior colors.

The sunshade has a stylish design and is a very good fit for your vehicle. You can easily install it on the inside of the windshield and it is secured by the vehicle's sun visors.

When the sunshade is not in use, it is easy to take off, fold up and store in the supplied bag. The sunshade meets Volvo's quality requirements and retains its shape and rigidity after use.

Facts and advantages

  • Helps maintain a cooler temperature in the vehicle.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Volvo branded.

Charging cable

A charging cable makes your daily life more flexible.

Vehicle charging is monitored by two-way communication between the car and the control box. When the cable is connected to the car, self-test diagnostics are performed to ensure that the cable is properly connected and the car is ready to receive power before charging starts. The control box is integrated in the charging cable and plugged into an ordinary power outlet. The cable is supplied with an adapter to enable Level 1 and Level 2 charging.

Level 1 charging. NEMA 5-15. 120 V and 12 A charging.
Level 2 charging. NEMA 6-20. 240 V and 16 A charging.

Facts and advantages

  • The cable must not be repaired or spliced because this could affect its safety and function.
  • Protection rated according to NEMA 6P.
  • The cable can withstand a load of 500 kg (1102.3 lbs) in the event of being driven over.
  • The control box does not power the cable until it is correctly connected and the car is ready to receive current.
  • The cable's control box has an integrated ground fault circuit breaker. In the event of a ground fault, the current is cut off.


A splash guard that blends in well with the car's design. Effective protection to the sides of the car from wheel splash and also minimizes water spray on following traffic.

Facts and advantages

  • The mudflaps are made of a soft plastic material that yields to any blows.
  • Supplied in pairs, with fittings.
  • Volvo branded.

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