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Roof box designed by Volvo Cars

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Roof box designed by Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars self-designed roof box has a volume of 350 liters, which makes it very functional. The aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and the sporty look is enhanced by the high-gloss black paint.

The modern box is made of double-coated, vacuum-shaped ABS plastic, which makes it stable, durable and easy to handle.

The roof box is easily opened from the long sides and integrated LED lighting in the cover facilitates loading. Anti-slip protection prevents loads from moving around dampens noise from the roof box.

With convenient quick-grip mountings, the roof box can be mounted quickly and easily on your Volvo.

Facts and advantages

  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Integrated LED Lighting in the cover.
  • Washable mat in the bottom of the box to reduce noise and prevent the load from sliding around.
  • Integrated handle.
  • Fits all Volvo load carriers.
  • The roof box is Volvo designed with strips in aluminum versions and inserts with Volvo Wordmark on each side.
  • The box is made of vacuum-formed ABS plastic, which means that it is light but also rigid.
  • Can be opened from both sides.
  • The roof box features the "quick-grip" snap lock providing quick and secure assembly.
  • Advanced aerodynamic properties that reduce wind resistance, wind noise and vibration.
  • "City Crash"-tested.

Roof box, Sport Time 2003

Sport Time 2003 is a functional roof box for all your needs. It is characterized by a design with a sunken base so that it integrates with the shape of the car as far as possible.

Fast-Click mounting system with integrated step indication makes it extremely easy to mount the box. The system consists of grip claws that automatically center over the load carrier, creating maximum safety. Suitable for load carriers up to 90 mm in diameter. The patented special Dual Force spring system makes opening and closing of the cover effortless.

Facts and advantages

  • The box is made of vacuum-formed ABS-plastic, making it incredibly lightweight.
  • High load capacity.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Suitable for all Volvo load carriers.
  • Volvo badge on the long sides.
  • Can be opened from both sides.
  • New aerodynamic surface structure on the cover.
  • Lock kit can be installed, see Lock kit.
  • Central lock.
  • Fast-Click mounting system with integrated step indication.
  • "City Crash"-tested.

Expandable roof box

"Expandable roof box" is a modern, exclusive and aerodynamic roof box that offers minimal possible wind resistance thanks to its unique design.

The roof box provides an extra load compartment thanks to its expanding capacity. It is designed for everyday needs and interests. When the roof box is expanded, it is ideal for groceries, bags, suitcases, children's items and golf bags. The roof box can be opened from both sides.

In compact mode, the roof box is so small and stylish you do not need to remove it.

Facts and advantages

  • Expanding.
  • Can be opened from both sides.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Net for secure loading.
  • Weather-resistant material.
  • Fits all Volvo load carriers.
  • The box is made of vacuum-formed ABS plastic, making it lightweight and recyclable.
  • High load capacity.
  • "City Crash"-tested

Roof Box Odin 1750

Living an active lifestyle, going on vacation, or just in need of the extra space? If that's the case, then the Volvo "Odin 1750" Roof Box is for you.

Featuring a diamond-textured Aero Skin lid that is not only stylish but also helps cut through the air with minimal wind resistance.

Facts and advantages

  • Quick-grip mounting system for easy installation
  • Secure Lock ensures that the box is locked and closed properly before driving
  • Dual side opening

Roof box lifting device

Roof box lift for easy and convenient handling and safe storage of your roof box – fits all sizes.

Facts and advantages

  • Roof box lift for storing.

The Joy of Driving

Purity of form combines with functionality that fits your life, wherever your journeys take you.

Built for the way you live.

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