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Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay™1 is a safer and easier way of using your iPhone in the car. The technology means that you can control the functions of your iPhone, either through the car's touchscreen, steering wheel controls or Siri voice function.

Via the standard applications, which can be recognized from Apple's operating system, you can send text messages, make calls, listen to music and navigate.2CarPlay also supports other applications that are downloaded to your iPhone such as Spotify or PodCasts.3Open iTunes or AppStore and search for "CarPlay" to find out which applications are available in your market.

Thanks to the Siri voice function, you can focus fully on the road. Siri can not only read out and write text messages, but also call contacts from the phone book by you speaking to the function.

To use the map application, you can either tap in the destination on the car's touchscreen or verbally tell Siri. CarPlay can also read off addresses from text messages, contacts and dates and suggest destinations where you might want to go.

The aftermarket CarPlay does not contain the factory solution's USB hub.

Facts and advantages

  • CarPlay can be controlled using the touchscreen, steering wheel controls or via the voice function Siri.
  • To activate CarPlay, connect your iPhone to the car's USB port.
  • Your iPhone charges when it is connected to the car via the USB.
  • CarPlay offers better sound quality than Bluetooth.

Smartphone integration

Smartphone integration makes it possible to connect your Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone and easily and safely use the phone in the car.

The technology allows you to control the functions in your smartphone using the voice function, the steering wheel controls or the car's touch display.

Integrating your smartphone with the car's functions makes it easier to write text messages, make calls and navigate. Smartphone integration also supports other applications that have been downloaded to your smartphone, such as Spotify.

Thanks to the voice function included in Smartphone integration, you can keep fully focused on the road. The voice function helps you not only to read and write text messages, but also to call contacts in the phone book via voice control.

To use the map application, you can either enter the destination on the car's touch display or state the destination via the voice function.

Facts and advantages

  • Smartphone integration can be controlled using the touchscreen, steering wheel controls or via the voice function.
  • To activate smartphone integration, connect your smartphone to the car's USB port.
  • Your smartphone charges when it is connected to the car via USB.
  • Smartphone integration offers better sound quality than Bluetooth.
  • Smartphone integration consists of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Sensus Navigation

"Sensus Navigation" is a navigation system that is fully integrated into the car. Connect to the Internet with a separate SIM card via Volvo On Call, or via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from your cellular phone. Internet connection gives you a greater navigation experience.

Select your desired final destination using quick and easy voice control, "one shot destination", the touchscreen, or the buttons on the steering wheel. An Internet connection also makes it possible to find destinations and send them to the car from a cell phone or computer. It is also possible to set a destination using the address data found in the cell phone's phone book. A voice gives you driving instructions well in advance of each new direction, while additional information is provided via the screens, so-called turn-by-turn guidance. Driving instructions are also displayed in the dashboard and in the head-up display if available. The system is also equipped with on-screen menu shortcuts for the most frequently used functions. Your home address is stored separately and is always readily available.

Points of interest (POI) can be displayed for different categories. They can include everything from shopping centers to campsites and hotels. The system displays the next three exits and which POI categories are represented near each exit. An Internet connection also allows you to use information from the Internet and save as POIs in the navigation system. This can be done using your smartphone, computer or directly in the car.

Traffic information is continuously received from the Internet. You can get suggestions on alternate routes to avoid construction, accidents or other traffic-related incidents. The information is read aloud to reduce the risk of taking attention away from driving.

With "Sensus Navigation" you can see selected 3D images of buildings and landmarks in the map for improved recognition of reality.

"EcoRoute" is a "green" function that helps you choose a fuel-efficient route in combination with a good driving style to reduce fuel consumption. When you select "EcoRoute," a fuel-efficient route is calculated based on speed limits and acceleration data for the specified route.

"Lifetime map update" gives you updated maps at no extra charge.1 The updated maps are downloaded from http://support.volvocars.com. Entire regions and parts of entire regions are downloaded from this web portal. Smaller updates of already downloaded regions are downloaded wirelessly in the vehicle.

Facts and advantages

  • Possible to connect to the Internet for a greater navigation experience.
  • Traffic information via Internet and Traffic Message Channel (TMC).
  • Points of interest (POI).
  • 3D images.
  • Few steps when setting the destination by using voice control, touchscreen or buttons.
  • Connection between the car's applications and the navigation system. This makes it possible to use information from the Internet and for example parking applications in the navigation system.

Adaptive Digital Display

Upgrade the Adaptive Digital Display with a 12.3" active TFT screen (Thin Film Transistor) for a bigger screen than the standard 8" active TFT screen. This further enhances the car's exclusive look and makes driving even safer thanks to the clear onscreen information.

12.3" screen shows two gauges and information between them.

The upgrade makes it possible to get "Navigation Advanced" to appear on the 12.3" screen1, which is not possible with the 8" screen. The map is displayed graphically between th gauges, making it easier to follow the instructions and find the right way. "Navigation Advanced" displays a zoomed out view when driving straight ahead and zooms in when approaching an intersection, while at the same time indicating which lane to be in.

You can adjust the car's digital driver display and interface to your own preferences. The driver display can be shown in the following four themes:

Default is a classic and elegant design with a black/white appearance.

Minimalistic gives the screen a clean and exclusive appearance, without unnecessary details.

Chrome gives the screen a luxurious appearance with chrome-look details.

Performance is an uncompromising sporty look with red details in the gauges.

You can also change the car's drive mode to get the car to react like you want and to get the gauges to show relevant content for the selected drive mode. There are four different drive modes to choose from: Default, Eco, XC and Dynamic.

Facts and advantages

  • 12.3" high resolution TFT screen.
  • Provides an exclusive and high tech look when you climb into the car and when you are driving.
  • Makes driving even safer, thanks to the clear on-screen information.
  • Comfortable and easy on the eyes as the brightness automatically adjusts to the surrounding light.

Park Assist Pilot

Do not stress about tidy parking - let your car assist you! Your car will guide you in, whether it be along the street or in a perpendicular parking space.

With the push of a button "Park Assist Pilot" reads the parking space using ultrasonic sensors. The system notifies you if the space is big enough. For parallel parking, a space of only 1.2 times the length of the vehicle is enough, which is a size that most drivers would not even consider trying to park in. Then just follow the instructions on the driver's display. You control the vehicle's gears, throttle and brakes and "Park Assist Pilot" controls the steering until the vehicle is parked perfectly. You can also get assistance when leaving a tight parallel parking space.

Facts and advantages

  • Helps you to park in both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces
  • Easier to find a parking space.
  • Helps you leave parallel parking spaces.

Rear Park Assist Camera

With the Rear Park Assist Camera, you can increase the field of vision behind the car and have the option of "eyes in the back of your head" while parking.

The camera, which is mounted almost invisibly, sends the image digitally to the car's screen. The screen shows the car's bumper and a large part of the area behind the car. Advanced image processing is carried out so that the image is as realistic as possible. Lines on the screen show the car's outer dimensions and how the car will turn depending on steering wheel angle.

The camera can zoom in close to the car. The towbar is then visible on the screen and the system assists when reversing to a trailer.

The system is activated and deactivated via the car's display or by engaging reverse gear.

Facts and advantages

  • Makes reversing easier and safer.
  • Route guidance for reversing into parking places and when coupling a camper or trailer.
  • The camera is installed almost invisibly on the rear of the car.

Polishing cloth

The microfiber polishing cloth can be used to gently clean the digital displays in your car. Since this Volvo-designed cloth is made of polyester, it is ideal for sensitive surfaces.

First use the rough side of the cloth to remove the dirt and then flip it over to finely polish the screen.

Microfiber is a durable material, which means that the product has a long service life.

Facts and advantages

  • Clean screens in a gentle and effective manner.
  • One rough side to remove the dirt and one fine side for polishing.
  • Stylish cloth that matches the car's interior.
  • Comes with a plastic cover that protects the cloth when not in use.

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