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Media Server

With Media Server, you will never get bored on a journey. By wirelessly connecting your tablet or smartphone to Media Server, you can select your favorite entertainment such as movies, images or music.

Media Server is an advanced media player for tablets and smartphones that enables you to, for example, bring large amounts of movies to the vehicle. Because you add the media you want to play, Media Server is completely independent of network coverage, data traffic restrictions or surfing costs.

Save downloaded movies, photos or music to a USB device1 that you easily connect to the Media Server. Through the downloaded application on your tablet or smartphone, you can select entertainment from the range available on the USB device. Connect a USB hub to be able to play media from different USB devices at the same time.

Media Server creates a WiFi zone that allows you to wirelessly connect up to 6 different tablets or smartphones simultaneously. If, for example, you want to watch a movie, you can choose to watch the same movie or play different movies from several tablets and smartphones at the same time.

For as safe and comfortable use as possible, iPad holder is recommended.

Facts and advantages

  • Media Server makes it possible to take large amounts of movies, music and photos with you on vehicle journeys.
  • Media Server supports the most common file formats. The files are stored on a USB device¹, for example a USB Hard Drive (HDD), which is connected to Media Server.
  • Connect up to 6 different smartphones or tablets via WiFi to Media Server.
  • Media Server supports both iOS and Android devices.
  • Select what you want to do on your tablet or smartphone, completely independent of fellow passengers.
  • Media Server is completely independent of network coverage, data traffic restrictions or surfing costs.

iPad® holder

Volvo's iPad® holder makes it possible to ergonomically use your iPad® in the rear seat, as it is secured in a horizontal and comfortable position. Take your iPad® to the vehicle and enjoy its functions and apps while traveling. Listen to music, watch a movie, read emails or surf the web. Volvo's iPad® holder makes all this possible.

It is easy to dock your iPad® in the iPad® holder and all wiring is integrated into the front seat. The holder allows charging via the customer's USB cable and it is also possible to charge a phone at the same time via a separate USB connector connected to the holder's base plate.

Facts and advantages

  • Two integrated USB ports for charging an iPad® and phone at the same time.

The Joy of Driving

Purity of form combines with functionality that fits your life, wherever your journeys take you.

Built for the way you live.

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