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Volvo Accessories

HomeLink®, Interior rearview mirror with auto-dim and compass

HomeLink®, Interior rearview mirror with auto-dim and compass

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HomeLink®, Interior rearview mirror with auto-dim and compass

The frameless rearview mirror has an elegant and modern design that enhances and harmonizes with the freshness of the interior. The mirror is equipped with the wireless HomeLink® system.

The HomeLink® system enables you to control multiple remote-controlled home devices, to open and close the garage door and to turn your home alarm system on and off, for example. The HomeLink® buttons are discretely integrated into the rearview mirror, which also features auto-dimming and a compass.

The HomeLink® transmitter learns the codes for the different remote control devices through a simple learning process. The system is compatible with most products for access control currently available on the market. For more information and compatibility, see www.homelink.com

The auto-dimming rearview mirror automatically dims distracting light from the cars behind. A very practical accessory when driving in the dark. The compass in the top right-hand corner of the mirror always shows which direction the front of the car is pointing and facilitates navigation.

Facts and advantages

  • Safe and useful function for controlling remote-controlled home devices.
  • Programmed in a few seconds.
  • Can be reprogrammed at any time.
  • Runs off the car's electrical system.
  • Frameless, ergonomic and integrated design.
  • Installed by replacing the existing rearview mirror.

Door mirrors with auto-dim

An electrically foldable door mirror with auto-dimming that makes it easier to navigate narrow gaps and reduces intrusive light reflection from cars behind.

Auto-dimming is connected to the dimming in the rearview mirror and they have a common sensor located on the rearview mirror.

If the car has an electric adjustable driver's seat with memory function, the door mirror with memory function angles down automatically when reverse gear is engaged. This helps you, for example, see how close to the edge of the sidewalk you are when reversing into a parking space.

Via the car settings function you can select to have the door mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the car.

Pressing both door mirror buttons retracts the door mirrors in against the sides of the car so that they do not cause an obstruction.

Facts and advantages

  • Auto-dimming.
  • Makes it easier when reversing in tight spaces.
  • Minimizes the risk of damaging the door mirrors.
  • The door mirrors fold in automatically when the car is locked.

Locking wheel bolts

Lockable wheel bolts specially developed for Volvo Cars, which improves safety.

The lock pattern is located against the middle on the lockable bolts and is therefore difficult to reach with a screwdriver, for example. The top of the lockable bolt rotates and is therefore very difficult to loosen without the right wrench. A solid connection between wrench and bolt facilitates installation and removal, and generally eliminates the risk of crooked tightening.

The steel bolts are galvanized and have very good corrosion protection. Together with plastic caps, they provide an attractive appearance that matches the wheel. The design is similar to a standard bolt but sufficiently different to deter potential thieves.

Facts and advantages

  • Secure theft protection that makes it much more difficult to open the bolt without a wrench.
  • The design enables easy installation and removal.
  • Effective rust protection.
  • Good-looking design resembling a standard bolt.
  • Weight-optimized to avoid imbalance.

Chrome wheel bolts

Chrome wheel bolts have been produced to match Volvo's aluminum rims.

With their discreet and exclusive design, they form a well-integrated part of the wheel area.

Facts and advantages

  • Good-looking design resembling a standard bolt.

Jumper cables

If the battery in the car has been discharged then it is possible to "borrow" current from either a separate battery or a battery from another car. Always check that the clamps on the jumper cables are secured firmly so that sparks are not generated.

Facts and advantages

  • Strong clamps with fully insulated handles.
  • Flexible copper cable 3.5 m, 25 mm².
  • Approved for all current engine alternatives.
  • Supplied in a plastic bag with carry handle and instructions.

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